My cracker barrel common sense will make you think!

I love this:

Church suppers, kids, fishing, dieting, political conventions, the atom bomb - AMERICA!

I hope my return to writing here will end up being your blog "find" of '18!

I took off all of the month of May to sort of ponder what I want to do here moving forward and I looked at a lot of blogs and a lot of other sites where people post their writing like Medium and even Ello and personal sites that are sort of blogs but have kind of taken on the personality of the people doing the writing.

It made me think about what a blog even is anymore. I don't know! You've got me! Is this it? Who knows!

So moving forward, I'm going to keep things a bit more loose around here. I'm going to write whenever an idea pops into my head. Some ideas will be quite bad or have zero substance. That's OK. I'm also going to stockpile a few posts at a time. Maybe I will have a super productive day and write 5 posts and schedule those across 5 days. It's wacky, right?

The only real rule will be no posts on Sundays. That's the day for the brain to rest, my brain as the writer and your brain as the read. You need at least one day off of me. I get it. I wish I could get the same! Lucky you!

The Twitter, @upinthisblog, is where links to these posts will show up so you don't have to worry about bookmarking this site and checking in on it. There is a Feedly link up there on the side to add this blog there if you wish. There is also an RSS feed for you old school folks like me who still use that.

I appreciate everyone that ends up stopping by from time to time. My easy humor might not make you chuckle but at least you can walk away knowing you're probably funnier than I am and that's something, right?