Planning on paper - an update

Back in February, I wrote about how I had started using a paper agenda as an extra tool (in addition to Google Calendar, Outlook and Todoist) to plan my weeks.

The benefit was seeing everything in front of me from all of these sources. I would write out the week ahead on Friday and then review the calendar on Monday.

It wasn't long before I stopped trying to track my to-do list on paper. Todoist does a fine job of that and I was just duplicating work. Also, my Google Calendar syncs with my Todoist so I don't miss upcoming personal events.

I trudged on with the planner for a bit longer, only using it to plan my week and it worked fine but felt like overkill. I knew about a month ago that I would not buy another planner for next year and I started looking around the web for templates that would allow me to print and fill in my own weekly calendar.

Well, no template I found was exactly what I wanted so I ended up creating my own in Excel in the same way that I created a monthly calendar to track my father's bills which I manage.

This is a work in progress (I tweak it all the time) but here is basically how it works:

It seems to work quite well. I keep it on a clipboard on the lower shelf by my desk and pick it up when I need to glance at it. I was originally going to keep it visible at all times on a bulletin board but I really only use this on Friday to plan the week ahead and on Monday to refresh myself on the week when it starts.

It's like this extra little failsafe in place to make sure I stay on top of everything that is going in. It gives me a bit more confidence as I tackle all of the things I am responsible for.

I also have it posted on Dropbox here for anyone who wants to look at it or modify it for their needs.
Update! Since I originally wrote this, I made some slight tweaks to the sheet, removing the notes section I never used being the biggest. Here are those files: