The attic purge (what I got rid of)

As much as I have complained about what my mother had accumulated in her attic over the years, I had still done very little to tackle my own attic. Of course, it's not near as bad but there is plenty up there that needs to be dealt with.

This past Monday, I brought down six huge totes filled with stuff and only one tote went back up. That one tote is full of keepsakes that were selected from across all the totes - some from my kids, some from my younger years and some from my wife's younger years.

Two full totes went to the help center thrift store and three full, heavy bags went to the trash.

So, what did I get rid of? Things that were sticking around out of guilt. A lot of it was stuff I brought back from my mother's attic stash. I thought all the stuff had been gone for decades. Surprise, surprise! I held on to them out of the idea that these things had sentimental value to her but then I realized that if they truly did have some meaning, why were they boxed up in the attic for decades?

Stuff in the attic is stuff you don't love enough to have around you in daily life.

I also got rid of dumb purchases I had made over the years. For example, I finally purged a bunch of "Maybe I'll read them one day" books that I had picked up over the years. I was trying to use the idea of "maybe one day" to justify my dumb purchases.

The big challenge will be to not save or buy things that will eventually need to be purged so that this process doesn't have to be repeated over and over!

So, what did I keep from these totes? More on that Monday.