The attic purge (what I kept)

What did I keep from the big attic purge? Aside from the one tote that went back upstairs filled with meaningful yet mostly archival things, I didn't save a whole lot but don't get the wrong impression - I am still surrounded by stuff. It amazes me when I consider how much I have gotten rid of over the past few years that I really didn't need yet I feel like I still have a bunch of things that may or may not be valuable or useful!

Of course, this is the end goal and I feel like I have worked quite hard over the past few years to realize it. Sure, there are items around here that are meaningless to everyone on Earth but me but they bring enjoyment just by their presence so that is a good thing.

Without further adieu, here are some of the items that made the cut and are sticking around:

This is an oddity. It's a Sheldon Cooper flash drive. You have to pull off the head (Creepy!) to get to the USB part. I bought it at Radio Shack years ago for two or three dollars. It still works so why not.

Turn your fridge into a nightclub with these California Raisin magnets!

These are very old Sloan Wilson novels. It's a shame that I never had the dust jackets but I like the designs on the covers. On the left is The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. On the right is A Summer Place. Both were made into movies. 

I saved a bunch of my favorite comic strips that were on the walls in various offices and cubicles over the years. I'll be sharing more in the future now that I have found them.

Always the Letterman fan, here is an article I clipped out of the paper back in 1994.

Sadly, I still cannot find my engraved name tag. This was the temporary one I had while waiting on it. I have been through just about everything so I am beginning to think it somehow got lost in a move. Sad face. 

I bought this back when Corner Gas was on the air new. 

Finally, I believe this came from Spencer's in the mall not far from my house. The date on it is 1987 and this button was made after Norm said this phrase on Cheers!