The joy of exporting and the necessity of editing

Editing podcasts - a necessary evil. I don't particularly enjoy it but some days are better than others for editing.

Some days I don't procrastinate and procrastinate. I just dive right in and I feel good about the work. I deal with the interruptions that I know will come. I don't get frustrated when I have to replay the same segment four times because the phone rang or an email came through or I had a big brain fart.

Some days I think about the files in their folders waiting to be imported into Audacity and I just want to scream into a pillow. I ignore them and avoid them and time ticks away. This file posts at noon Monday? Fine. I can wait until Friday afternoon to deal with it.

I don't know why I have mixed emotions about editing. The end product is typically delightful but the process of editing is clearly work and wouldn't I rather be reading a book or staring off into space?

One of the best parts of editing is that it gives me the opportunity to listen and hear things I didn't absorb during the actual recording and these discoveries send me off into new directions that I didn't expect.

There is satisfaction in finding just the right sound effect or song or cutting up a conversation in just the right way to eliminate the boring parts and produce something, well, not bad.

I'm not going for awards here. I'm going for a mildly pleasant experience for our listeners whether there are less than 10 or more than 100.

Editing is necessary. It's not always fun, but it's necessary.