The joy of my Nintendo 2DS XL

Several months ago, I got the sudden urge to get back into playing video games quite casually and this led me to buying a Nintendo 2DS XL.

Until last year, I had the regular 2DS which was fine but the screens were quite small and the handheld was sort of awkwardly shaped and hard to transport around without my being afraid of breaking it. It was also kind of slippery.

All of that is fixed with the 2DS XL. The screens are huge. It's comfortable to hold and not slippery. I've had a lot of handhelds over the years starting way back with the original Game Boy and, in my opinion, the 2DS XL is the best gaming handheld I have ever had.

The main reason I wanted to get one was because I missed playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf (referred to in the rest of this post as ACNL). A few minutes with ACNL is a nice way to wind down at the end of the day. It's sort of silly at times, it's slow paced, the music is fantastic and it's nice, calm fun.

In the game, you have the option to travel to an island so you can catch all sorts of exotic bugs and fish. Catching stuff is how you earn money in the game and I was always forgetting how much things are worth. So, I put together a nice spreadsheet and laminated it. Yes, I am that serious about ACNL.

I found all the data online and formatted it to make a one page front and back sheet. I have posted that in my Dropbox and you can download it by clicking here. The third tab, events, is just for your reference. I could not figure out a way to make all that data fit!

I don't take many screenshots in ACNL but I did take these to share on Twitter last Monday. This was my biggest accomplishment last weekend!

This is on the way to the island. You always get to hear a nice song on the way.

I was able to restore all of the games I have bought online over the years and one weird favorite of mine is Tomodachi Life. Of course, I put my wife and I in there and weirdness ensued fairly quickly. 

Please enjoy some of my favorite screenshots from Tomodachi Life:

Since we were the only two characters in the game at the beginning, we ended up getting married, of course!

It's creepy how much the game nails the personalities. You rate a few traits based on whoever you are setting up and it does the rest!

So now you have a bit of an idea of what I am doing with my 2DS XL. I probably only play 20 minutes every other day or so. There is no pressure. It's just a nice escape whenever I need it.