Too many pencils

How many pencils does one person actually need?

I have a red-leaded pencil that I use to mark up books and other things I am working on and I've only used about one-third of that pencil in the last year.

If that means it will take me three years to use one pencil, I don't guess I have enough life left ahead to use all of these pencils.

Now add in these.

And these. I wish I could say my kids (now in high school) might use some of these but they typically only use mechanical pencils. Having to stand up and go to the pencil sharpener is so 1985. Of course, buying a box of 24 banana pencils was totally worth it. I mean, they are banana pencils. How cool is that?!

I also have a 32 oz cup with pencils in it next to my work desk (not pictured!).

And, I keep a small pencil case in my work bag and these are the pencils I use the most including that shorter red pencil.

Here are a couple of special pencils.

First up is one of my food pencils.

And here is a pencil I bought at the Nixon Library ten or so years back.

What is the allure of the pencil? Simply, I like writing with pencils and pencils are cheap.

I really rediscovered my love of the pencil just a year or so ago and I just like how a pencil writes compared to a pen, especially for marking up notes in books and filling out my weekly paper calendar.

I know I don't need boxes of them but that's how they typically come.

I also know I should never need to buy a pencil again but I probably will.