A poolside holiday

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a picture that Steve from Saskatchewan posted on Facebook of the pool he had just put up in his backyard and that got me thinking about all of the pools I have put up in the past and how I put my foot down a few years back and said NO MORE!

There were three reasons for this. First, keeping the water clean was a nightmare. Second, the weather would never cooperate. It would pour rain. We would have terrible storms. It would suddenly get cold in August for no apparent reason. Third, these things ruin part of the yard. When you pull it down at Labor Day, you have a nice, stinky dead patch of yard left behind.

Our pool ownership was jinxed!

Of course, maybe posting stuff like this didn't help gain me any karma!

I did look at installing a real above-ground pool a few years back but we have a power line over the backyard so that was a no-go but I did miss the idea of going in the backyard and cooling off in a big vinyl bowl of water so...

There it is! We bought it on day one of our vacation so it rained for the next three days solid, of course. But, it was nice this weekend and we have all been in and out of it.

It has this one really cool "jet" that the previous pools I bought didn't have. The filter is underpowered and probably pointless but it is cool looking!

No matter how puny the filter is, the water is staying clear this year because I decided to not be cheap and I invested in the Clorox Pool&Spa strips that an app reads right on the iPhone (TECHNOLOGY!) and the app tells me exactly what I need so I bought the chemicals necessary to (hopefully) keep this thing looking great for the rest of the summer. I also have to skim it and brush the liner daily and so far, I am very pleased with the results.

This is where you will find me on Independence Day unless there is a torrential rain or hailstorm or tornado or it snows. You just never know.