Back from vacation, back to chores

I have to admit - I let it all go during vacation last week. Sure, I washed and folded a load of clothes here and there but the rest of the chore list was ignored. I didn't vacuum the floors. Someone else did. I didn't clean the bathroom counters. Someone else did that to. I didn't clean the showers. No one did that. I guess two out of three isn't bad.

Not only is this sexist (Note how the only chore the man does is chop firewood. I do all this stuff.) but it's also a lie. I do all these things and I haven't lost a pound. 

Since I work at home, I am also Head Domestic Engineer. I have daily tasks in my Todoist that have to be done to keep the house somewhat clean. When I am on vacation, I leave both of my jobs for a bit. I read when I would typically sweep. I sit outside at the park when I would typically clean a mirror.

I wish I could report that I avoided the weekly trip to Walmart but it seemed like we went there every day during vacation. There was always something dumb that needed to be bought.