Hospital Time Warp

Today begins week two of my life centering around the hospital and it's like there are two different worlds. Normal world is filled with the normal day to day stuff that needs to be done or that I would like to do and it has structure. Hospital world is filled with the uncertainty and we can only react to whatever needs to be reacted to.

Both worlds keep going. You just get pulled back and forth between the two. One moment you are in normal world taking out the trash and the next moment you are in hospital world packing the car for the nearly hour drive to the hospital.

I was in my hometown last Friday night at 8PM checking the house. I can't remember the last time I was there at 8 o'clock at night. Everything feels off and no wonder - hospital life is the same at 3PM as it is at 3AM and it is the same at 10AM as it is at 10PM. It goes on and on and the phone could ring at any time. It probably won't but it could so my hospital bag remains packed near the door filled with paperwork that I hopefully won't need and snacks in case I go up and get stuck for a while without food. 

And today I am also back at work so now there is normal world, hospital world and work world all vying for attention and all I can do is stay patient and know that this too shall pass!

I keep thinking of this song for some reason. It sort of fits so here it is.