The 5th

Today is the ignored day.

July 1st is Canada Day and I know the majority of Americans celebrate that just like I do. On July 2nd and 3rd, Americans are gathering fireworks and meat for their grills. July 4th is Independence Day. July 5th is ignored and a day of recovery.

And, when July 4th is on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, most people have to go back to work the next day no matter tired they are from being out in the heat all day and from how late their neighbors were up blowing up stuff.

For me, I'm kind of glad to be back on the schedule. Between vacation last week and holidays this week, I have been out of the typical daily structure and I've missed it. I like getting up at the same time every day and having my lunch at the same time and sitting in the house in the evening when it's steaming hot and not being out sitting in the driveway watching people blow up stuff.

Speaking of structure, I've been trying really hard to write hear every day and I'm not sure that's doable. So, if I miss a day here and there, that's because my mind was blank and I didn't want to just phone something in like this throwaway post right here!