There is no time to waste

I keep being reminded of this lately, over and over.

The latest reminder came early this morning. The early morning text message is the early morning phone call of the past. Neither typically bring good news and when I heard the notification go off this morning my first thought was "this cannot be good."

The news was of the sudden passing of a friend from high school, a friend who was younger than me and had dealt with so many health issues while I have gone through my years relatively unscathed (so far). We last spoke at a funeral and that seems to happen more and more. Funerals are the main places we all seem to come together these days and there is nothing that made me think that the next funeral I attend would be hers.

So, what lesson do I take from each loss or each struggle I read about on Facebook or Twitter? That I am lucky enough to be able to complain about getting worn out mowing the yard. That I get to keep making memories and adding on days even if I know I am not always making the most of each gift of a day that I get.

I wonder sometimes why I get to keep going. I have no answer for this, of course. It's all science, I know, and it could change in a flash. The clock is ticking. There is no time to waste.