Party Line Podcasting

Yesterday, I got to take a trip back to the past, to my great-grandmother's house. She's been gone twenty-five years this October but the memories flooded back yesterday when I tried to listen to a podcast.

It was not an unprofessional podcast. It was not an amateur production. It was an interview with a fairly successful author that I wanted to hear.

Unfortunately, it sounded like the interviewer and the interviewee and the person recording had all dialed in on my great-grandmother's party line. Do you remember party lines? That's back when several houses shared the same phone lines. If you dialed my great-grandmother's number, it would ring at all of the houses connected to the party line but with a specific ring identifying it for my great-grandmother.

The audio quality on the party line was horrendous just like the podcast I got through about five minutes of before I tapped unsubscribe.