Shifting gears

Two and just under one-half days left until NaNoWriMo begins and I am slowly switching gears, moving from the high speed of the last few months to a slower pace moving forward, a pace which I hope will help give me the energy I need to get some writing done in November.

After seeing AlienCG's recommendation, I am also going to go with OneNote this year for NaNoWriMo. The only difficulty I see with it is that there is no built-in word count but I can easily save in a Word doc at the end of each day and get my counts there. I used Google Docs in years passed but I really like the idea of writing outside of a browser window. I'm thinking it will be a bit less tempting to open another tab and get lost in YouTube or Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, I'm thinking I'm going to have to spend as little time as possible on it next month. It is a huge time suck and there is not going to be any time to waste. Even though I don't have as much on the calendar in November as I have since August until last weekend, it is a very busy month for me and it's going to take some real changes in how I spend my time to have the time to write in addition to getting everything else done.

Of course, this is all my thinking on the outside of November looking in. The reality will hit November 1st and onward. Maybe I waste plenty of time now and I just need to recover some of that wasted time to make my way to 50K words.

Right now I am just looking forward and wondering how it will all turn out.

A solid idea and a bit of prep might help but right now all I have is five files, each with a sentence fragment describing an idea at the top. No character names. No settings. No decisions made. That's how I did it the one year I "won" and that might end up being how I do it again.