I'm gonna get myself, I'm gonna get myself disconnected

My apologies to Stereo MCs for my play on their fine lyrics from back in '92:

I did something really odd (for me and possibly for you also if you think about it) last night.

I watched television with no device in the room with me.

No smartphone.

No tablet.

So there were no distractions. No pings. No boops. No scrolling Twitter to see what other distracted people watching the same thing were tweeting.

And, it was college basketball which I used to watch a decent amount of. The specific game I watched was Michigan State versus Louisville and what a great game it was. It was exciting! It went into overtime and the underdog (Louisville) won!

And, they showed the Louisville pep band a lot which made me really happy being a former band guy.

And, they panned the camera through the crowd a lot and every so often you would see someone looking at their smartphone. They are right there at the game and completely distracted and the reality is that is me most of the time.

Of course, this way of thinking has morphed into a fantastic meme:

Still, I'm going to put on my "get off my lawn" hat and say that there is some truth to this. I never completely enjoy doing one thing if I'm also trying to capture the moment for or participate in conversations on social media.

I think I haven't watched a basketball game in a while because I thought I just didn't enjoy them anymore but the problem is my multi-tasking which has become second nature. I tote my iPad all over the house. My Apple Watch is on my wrist from the moment I get out of the shower until I am about to turn off the light to go to sleep.

I don't know what made me decide to leave my devices in another room last night, but I'm glad I did and I plan to keep doing it, to slowly break the addiction to being connected.