Social media is a tool and so am I

tl;dr alert. More rambling on social media ahead. You're sick of reading about it and I'm sick of writing about it so I have decided that this will be my last post on this topic for the rest of 2018 and ALL of 2019. Guaranteed!

Continuing the theme from yesterday on disconnecting, I've complained in the past quite a bit about social media and I have struggled all year to go from complaining about it to admitting that my complaining is my fault.

Social media is a tool.

A hammer is a tool.

If I end up smashing my finger when hammering a nail into the wall, I can't blame the hammer. Sure, I might yell at the hammer and tell it to die but it is an inanimate object that only smashes fingers when being operated by the operator (me) and the truth is if I am too dumb or impatient to properly use a hammer then I will end up with a smashed finger.

If I'm frustrated with social media, it's on me.

This realization gave me back the enjoyment of my long-time nemesis, Twitter. Muting and unfollowing people who are joy vampires and limiting how often I open the app have been key. I think I still look at it too much and sometimes tweets sneak through that annoy me but I can say I am at a better place with it than I was at the start of 2018.

Facebook is different. It seems that my idea of how Facebook should be used is not the same as most other people but, again, this is on me. Different people use different tools different ways. I use Facebook as a scrapbook of what I do with my family so we can all look back on the things we all did together.

Most people use Facebook as a bulletin board of sorts, as a place to air grievances and political opinions or to just complain in general.

That's why I post on Facebook but I rarely scroll "the newsfeed" or whatever they call it. So, I miss all birthdays and I even removed my own birthday so no one feels to need to respond to birthday notifications on my behalf.

I have realized that only a very few posts have to do with what people are actually doing and it's just not worth my time sifting through all the dirt to find the tiny bits of gold.

Instagram is another app I find I enjoy less and less. The feed is a mess. I miss stuff all the time so looking at it is frustrating. I like how pictures I share get organized - it's much better than posting photos to Twitter where they seem to get lost in the shuffle so I still use it but I find that I share less and less.

And I guess that's my final note here. I do seem to be sharing less and less across all social media platforms. I think that's why I'm here at the blog more often and I know that most people don't have the time or motivation or desire to read my long (tl;dr) posts and that is alright.

My need to get the ideas out of my brain is more of a priority for me than the need for my ideas to be read by anyone.


  1. I am slowing building a new sharing process. Using Google Photos and a public album I call "Shanebook" and sharing only there. Like you, I tried again and now am sliding back to not participating as an individual.

    1. Now I must go and check out the Shanebook! My desire to have a bit more control in how my stuff is shared (vs. letting an app algorithm determine if you see my posts or pictures) led me back to the blog. In yesterday’s post on radios, I realized that I hadn’t shared the picture in that post anywhere else. An exclusive!


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