We've been Christmasitized

Yes, my annual Christmas decorating day is the day after Thanksgiving because it's always a very quiet day at work so it's a good day to get it knocked out.

As part of my new attitude on decorating, I'm not putting out as much stuff this year. In fact, last year we got rid of everything that we didn't display so there was less to deal with to begin with this time and I still ended up with a small stack of stuff for the thrift store or the trash that I've deemed no longer needed. It's nice to have less to fool with and this comes from a reformed serial holiday over-doer!

I also have a new attitude this year about outside decorating. I'm tired of putting hours of work into stuff we only see when we drive in and out of the driveway. I didn't put up any outside Halloween decorations this year and we had only a small display for fall. I didn't put up our three foot inflatable turkey until Wednesday and I took it down yesterday. I took our big inflatable turkey over to my in-law's house on Thanksgiving so everyone could pose for pictures with it so it was nice to get a bit of meaningful use out of that.

I did not put up anything outside for Christmas yesterday. I'm going to wait until later in December to do that and I'm going to put up just a small display, maybe two or three little things up near the street. No more Griswold here. No more having to deal with stuff blowing over and getting soaked in the rain for weeks.

Here are some pictures from the inside decorating that I did yesterday. As I wrote on Instagram, it looks like Santa came in and threw up Christmas all over the place.

Check out The Elf on the Shelf given to us by our friend Andrew many years ago when they first came out and we were all laughing about how creepy they are. I can't believe they turned into a nationwide phenomenon! Our Elf stays in one place and you can touch him all you want.

This picture didn't come out great but it does show a vintage Christmas Garfield I found in my mother's Christmas stuff plus the moose she bought us when the kids were small.

Christmas rules because everything has to have rules, right?

We found this on clearance last year and although it's a mat for the front door, I put it in the kitchen.

Those pillows are getting so old. In fact, when the dogs were young, one of them chewed off Santa's nose and I had to glue it back on. The couch is vintage 1992.

Here is the tree. It actually went up Wednesday and my oldest daughter put on all the ornaments so I didn't have to.

Here is the Rodney the Reindeer collection - a Christmas tradition at my house when I was growing up. The oldest Rodney in here goes back to 1979 or 1980. Over the years, the collection grew. Also featured, our Garfield ornament from 1983.

The mini Christmas village that I bought last year at Walmart. I need to go back and buy Santa this year. I bought the chickens after Christmas for forty cents I think. Last night, I drove to Home Depot and replaced all of the crazy hot C7 bulbs that normally come in Christmas villages with cool to the touch LED bulbs. I believe they are much safer. Click here for the link!