Another winter afternoon on the deck with the radios

It was even warmer today (around 65 degrees) so I decided to spend a bit of time out on the deck with just the shortwave radios, the Tecsun PL-660 and the Tecsun PL-606 and this time I did remember to use the extended antenna on the PL-606 so the results were much better.

First, I ran an ETM scan across the shortwave bands and looked up each of the ten stations it put into the ETM memory. Then, I went up both the 31 meter and 49 meter bands with the PL-660 to see if it pulled in anything that the PL-606 did not.

Here are the results:
  • The usual suspects (high power locals) were back again today - WRMI in Miami, WINB in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, WTWW (which is only a few miles from my house) and Radio Martí but the Cuban jamming was not making it up here hardly at all today. 
  • Radio Exterior de España made an appearance today on 9690, transmitting from Nobejas, Spain at a distance of 4,339 miles. That was the furthest away catch on the PL-606.
  • The Cuban numbers station was whirring away with it's buzzing on 11635 kHz, loud and clear on both radios.
  • Stations unique to the PL-660 today included:
    • WBCQ from Monticello, Maine on 9330 kHz
    • Radio Saudi from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 9555 kHz - weak but audible - at a distance of approximately 7,226 miles.
    • China Radio International broadcasting in English on 9600 kHz and 9640 kHz from Western China at a distance of approximately 7,085 miles, also weak but audible
    • Radio Guinea was barely there at 9650 kHz today. Propagation conditions must not be as favorable as yesterday.
    • At 5940 kHz, there was a station I couldn't quite identify. I believe it was Radio Melodia transmitting from Peru.
    • At 5960 kHz, once upon a time a great Radio Canada International frequency, I heard Radio China International relayed from Albania coming in quite clear.
    • At 5980 kHz, a very clear signal from the Voice of Turkey with some great music at a distance of approximately 6,123 miles.
    • And last but not least, CFRX in Toronto was barely audible at 6070 kHz. The impressive part of getting it here is that they are only using about 900 watts of power while the Voice of Turkey is using 250 kilowatts to get over here albeit with better results. 
I don't believe this is going to become a regular feature of the site but from time to time, I plan to check in with some radio logs as we move further into this so far very spring-like winter. Next time I plan to get out there with just the Sangean PR-D4W and concentrate on AM and hopefully a bit later in the evening if the weather stays warm enough.