Blogfading and podfading and what comes next

One of the blogs I follow in Feedly appears to have wrapped it up today and that makes me wonder yet again if this format, this medium (an appropriate word if we are treating this as a creative outlet or art), is slowly fading away.

You could argue that the blog concept has been ruined by marketers that use the term blog to promote their products or their lifestyles or products that support their lifestyles and that might be true. When I think of the word blog in 2019, even I think of ending up on a site where the first thing that happens is a pop-up pleading for my email address appears and I can close it out only to have it pop back up before I can even read half of the article I am there to read.

This picture has nothing to do with this post but here it is, documenting how chilly it is here but how lucky we are that it is not far worse like it is just to our north. A rapid warm-up is on the way for us after today.

Personal bloggers like myself are becoming extinct. And, personal bloggers that became personal podcasters also appear to be heading in that same direction.

I'm intrigued by newsletters. I've toyed with that idea before but never got it off the ground. I subscribe to a few and I'm always disappointed when they end up also steering into marketing territory and that seems to happen a lot.

The blogger that I mentioned at the beginning of this post has one of my favorite newsletters. Every week, it inspires me to want to create my own but so far, I just don't have the time or energy to do it right like he does so I will stick with the occasional blog post and the podcast for now.

I may be in the minority but I enjoy it and find inspiration when people share bits of their lives whether through a blog or a podcast or a newsletter.

I like them allowing me to peek in the window at what they are doing or what they are thinking about or what they are worried about or what unique place they have been that is probably not unique to them at all but is sure different from my regular trips to Walmart and I guess in a way my regular trips to Walmart might be unique and different to some folks.

Of course, times change and mediums for creativity and sharing evolve. Who knows where we will be posting stuff a few years from now.