The reluctant shopper

I am doing my best in 2019 to avoid shopping and I won't say that it's going great but it is going OK. There is improvement!

I'm staying away from stores as much as I can but I still have to go to Walmart where I am always tempted to go down the clearance aisle and I got unfortunately validated by this by finding a pair of shoes in my size for half off after blowing out my poor old Sketchers during the last marching band season loading and unloading the truck.

But then, in a light bulb moment, I searched for the exact same shoes I had just tossed that were so very comfortable and bam! I found them on eBay from a liquidator for $20 NEW shipped while they cost $70 in the store. BUY IT NOW! They are currently on my feet.

So, I have two new pairs of shoes, both at bargain prices.

Still, I'm trying to get out of the habit of just going to Amazon and eBay at the slightest whim but I needed something so THE SEARCH WAS ON and I found what I needed on Amazon at what seems like a fair price so ADD TO CART! It will be here on Friday.

I need some stuff and I think it's fine to take time to shop around online and locally for what I need if it's worth the time, like getting the shoes for $50 off but sometimes it's not worth the time getting sucked into the void that is online commerce because I typically come away with something that either isn't exactly what I need or something extra that I certainly don't need but I convince myself it's a bargain because I NEED TO SPEND THAT MUCH TO GET THE FREE SHIPPING! OH YEAH FREE SHIPPING.

*nothing is free*

Example: this morning, I needed some inexpensive stuff so no big need to compare prices and I was pretty sure that Lowes would have what I need and I just pull up Lowes dot com and I write down the aisle and bay numbers and I head over there at lunch and get what I need INSTANTLY (no two day wait!) and I've already fixed what needed to be fixed here at the house.

But I don't need to aimlessly scroll Amazon and eBay indecisively trying to figure out what I need (there are SO MANY CHOICES!) and I don't need to aimlessly scroll Amazon and eBay just looking for bargains especially when I really know I don't need these things but it's a great deal so LET'S GET IT! WOO HOO BARGAINS!

So, I deleted those apps off my phone and tablet.

And, after Christmas, I didn't bring the little desk back out of the attic that my personal laptop used to sit on, making it accessible 24/7, so I've made online shopping and browsing just a tad more out of reach and it's working. I have to really need something to look for something now and I waste my time in other ways that don't center around the internet - mostly.

At least shopping is no longer recreational for me, a way to pass the time and waste the money.

Now, if I can just figure out a way to stay away from that clearance aisle.