Twitter is putting raisins in the salad

Twitter is about to force out the annoying Home/Recent Tweets toggle out to the browser interface. It's already on my iPad and iPhone and it's frustrating as all get out, especially when I am opening Twitter to see weather information via the various sources I follow and the timeline has switched itself back to Home so it's all out of order.

Sadly, there is no good alternative (yet) to Twitter. Instagram suffers from an algorithm that seems to be even worse and Facebook is a steaming pile of crap.

I wonder why Facebook stinks so much? Maybe it's because the people we are "friends" with are or were real former friends or they are relatives or acquaintances and we're more reluctant to unfriend them so their trash posts seep through while we can be a bit more selective on Twitter. I don't know.

Back to the new Twitter deal, at the moment, I think I still tweet about as much as I ever did but I find myself only opening the app when I have something to share or when I want to post about the comics I read in the morning.

I am less likely these days to open the app at lunch and scroll down through the timeline to catch up because I never know if it will open to Home or Recent Tweets and I just feel like forcing an algorithm on us is more manipulation on top of all of the manipulation that social media is based on that I try not to think about and you know the toggle will go away eventually no matter how they deny it so it's better to break the reliance on the app now!