What's my mission?

I have no defined, guiding mission for this site.

Same with the podcast.

Should it be light, entertaining fluff and a diversion from the ups and downs of your day?

Or should it be a real-life snapshot of what's on my mind during the moment that I press record?

Episode 415 of the podcast, coming out later today, is a bit of a departure (as was last week's episode) because in the past I have leaned towards the light, entertaining fluff and that has resulted in many deleted recordings or moments when I considered recording but I just didn't and then I felt resentment when eventually recording and posting light, entertaining fluff.

Episode 415 is filled with real-life snapshots of what has been on my mind. There is no light, entertaining fluff. It's me and my frustrations with our government and our society and myself and my inaction, etc. etc.

Episode 415 will have some of you scratching your heads. If you want me to be a far-left liberal, you'll be disappointed. If you want me to be a far-right conservative, you'll be disappointed.

In 2019, there is this trend for wanting everyone to take clear, extreme sides and you are right and everyone else is wrong. There is no middle ground and no room for compromise. And, as you can see if you pay attention to the news and don't just hang out in your little fort filled with people who agree with only you, it's getting us nowhere.

I don't know if episode 416 will be the same as episode 415. It takes a bit more courage and self-esteem than I typically have to pick up the recorder and just go and then actually post it, actually posting it being the toughest part.

But, this week, it's this or nothing so my apologies to those of you only interested in the light, entertaining fluff. There's plenty of that out there if that's what you are looking for. You can even create some yourself.


  1. I really look forward to the episode.
    Short comment to see if this is now working.

  2. It is! It is! Woo!
    And, I wouldn't look too forward to it. Probably too ranty and confusing. May cause dandruff.


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