A tale of two tweets

I opened Twitter this morning and found that Frozen 2 was trending. Yep, they released a teaser trailer for Frozen 2 and Twitter went nuts.

Well, kind of nuts. Frozen 2 and other Frozen 2 related words like Elsa and Olaf are trending but only in the thousands of tweets.

Maybe Twitter is losing it's mojo.

Anyway, I thought of something I felt was mildly funny (barely) and tweeted it as follows:
If this was the 80's, they would have called it Frozen Again: Back in the Deep Freeze.

Ha Ha Ha! Right?


I was looking at that tweet and I clicked on the little "View Tweet Activity" and in 30 minutes, I had a very paltry 14 impressions. Of course, I had no hashtags and was doing nothing at all to try to break through the noise of Twitter to viral goodness.

That's when I decided to retool my tweet. I copied it, deleted it, pasted it back and added the official Disney hashtag for the movie and mentioned "Frozen 2" in the tweet. I also made a minor change to the wording of my tweet.
That's how you "win" Twitter folks! Hashtags! Strategery!

Hold on to your seats, folks. This tweet is going to rocket up through the stratosphere.

Or maybe not.

In the nine minutes after I tweeted this version, I already had 53 impressions! I felt pretty good.

Sadly, several hours later I see that I topped out at 72 impressions.

I guess I just don't have what it takes to be a social media guru or tweets have the life span of McDonald's fries.