A few subtle changes and a couple of videos

Just a few changes to report on this Friday that has finally arrived. What a long week it seems like it has been even though it's been no longer than any other week, of course.
  • I deleted my Anchor.fm account so Up In This Brain! Lite is no more. I don't need two podcasts. I barely have enough ideas for one. It was an interesting experiment that is now over. I will move forward sharing all of my pointless thoughts in one podcast and right here as I did before.
  • I've changed up the name of this site. I really didn't like "Word Hut" and I couldn't think of anything better than what I ended up with. The site address stayed the same so your feeds and whatnot are all good and will be forevermore.
  • I've decided not to do Camp NaNoWriMo this year. I just had a change of heart on that. There are other things I need to focus my time on, rest being one of them, and having an appointment set with writing every day for 30 days feels sort of pointless. I've been writing here for nearly twelve years so writing more is not going to give me some skill I don't already possess.
  • I quit Reddit again. I never open it. It felt pointless.
  • I made my Twitter private again. I've been back and forth on that over the years. I'm tired of complete strangers replying and favoriting and following me. Several of you are private and seem perfectly content with that. I have nothing to promote. I have no opinions to contribute. No reason to leave it wide open.
  • I haven't recorded a podcast for this week yet so that will probably linger into next week. I had a few things I thought of to share but I just haven't had time to press record and blab on so I'll save those thoughts for next week.
Here are a couple of videos to end the week with.

The first one is from our local television station thirty-six years ago when one of our anchors left for a bigger market. It just popped up in my recommended videos and it sure did take me back. If you're not from here, this won't matter to you at all but for us, these people were like family.

As I commented on the video, you just don't get that connection any more and I wonder why. Of course, I have multiple guesses and more have to do with big corporations taking the local out of local news.

And here is a song I heard this morning for the first time in years so I thought I would share it.

Have a good weekend!