A new radio: Retekess PR15 AM/FM/Weather Radio

That's right - the radio bug bit again so I bought a Retekess PR15 AM/FM/Weather radio from eBay for the total price of $12.99. It took 5 days to arrive with a US return address but a Chinese customs tag attached so I assume it was shipped from China.

I first saw the radio in this video:

The radio takes 2 AAA batteries and has a DSP tuner. The combo volume control/power is on top. The tuning dial is on the right side.

I had been wanting a small radio I can keep in my bag for when I am sitting at the school waiting on my daughter to get out of various practices. My car radio turns off after a few minutes and I don't want to sit there with the car running just to listen to the radio. Having the weather band is a nice bonus although our weather forecasts are now as close as our phones.

The radio ended up being even smaller than I thought it would be.

It's not as wide as a playing car and just barely taller. The antenna is eight inches in length.

Reception is pretty good on FM, as most DSP FM receivers are. On the weather band, it's not crystal clear like my Uniden scanner is but it is listenable and could be very beneficial during our upcoming severe weather season. On AM, it seems pretty decent. It picks up local stations with ease and the review above says it does really well at night.

Tuning takes patience on these small radios. You have to tune very slowly or you will miss even strong stations. Stations pop up and vanish quickly unlike analog radios I have had.

Sound quality on the PR15 is sort of lacking. It's ok. There is no bass at all and the treble seems a bit too high, if that makes sense. For spoken word broadcasts, it's fine. 

One final note - my Jensen MR-75 does beat this radio on FM. In fact, it beats most radios I have on FM. I don't know why it is so good on FM. It's a pain to tune, especially with the dial going backwards for some odd reason and AM does not work at all. There is nothing but internal noise on AM. But for FM, it's pretty incredible. It picks up weak and fringe stations with ease and it sounds decent. There is barely any bass but it's completely listenable on music.