Sharing fatigue

We were out to eat for supper last night when my oldest daughter pointed out a family that had walked in the restaurant. I had no idea who they were but she knew all about them because she follows them on Instagram. They were a small, young family that publicly shares bits and pieces of their lives on Instagram as if this is a normal thing and everyone does it.

Of course, in 2019, it is a normal thing and just about everyone does do it.

Back when I started doing it through blogging at the end of the 90's, it was not normal at all. And now, after all of these years of doing it, there are times when I just don't feel like writing a post or sharing a picture or recording a clip.

I have decided to call this sharing fatigue. I am sure other people thought of this first. There are no original thoughts left in 2019.

 Another way to look at it is that sometimes I'm just about all shared out.
I don't know if it would be different for me if I was younger and grew up with all of this sharing just being a matter of fact part of life.

Yes, I can remember a time when none of this technology existed and the world was much smaller because of that and my frustration over that is why I was so into radio and I ended up being one of the first people I knew that was regularly getting online even when all we had to look at was terminal screens and you needed a big manual to keep track of all of the commands.

But now I'm just kind of tired and I don't share as much.

It's not because I am overly concerned about privacy. Sometimes I just have nothing to say and sometimes I think, after about twenty years of sharing in various sites and formats, that I have just about used up my "content fuel" and now it's time for the younger folks to put it all out there until they also get a bit burnt out like me. It's inevitable, right?

I think this and it's not long before another family walks in and my daughter turns to me with all sorts of information about what they are up to because they to are on Instagram and are quite popular around these parts.