I really loved this in the latest Orbital Operations by Warren Ellis which magically appeared in my inbox this morning as it, thankfully, does every Sunday:

The way I think and work and exist in the world is changing. I figure this is a good thing, and indicates that my brain hasn't started fossilising yet.
I've said this to you before, and I'll say it again: always be checking your practice. Times change and so do you.

More than anything so far in 2019, what Warren shares in his newsletter and on his website has shaken me awake to the point that I am no longer content with staying stuck, dormant, lazy, static, etc.

This process ongoing.

I am not just in a place of reinvention as a creator but I also find myself in a place of reinvention as a consumer of the creations of others, from how I use social media to whose ideas I allow into my head.