Newsletters are the blogs of the Tens

My apologies to one of my writing heroes, Nora Ephron, and the fantastic When Harry Met Sally... from which the title of this post was stolen/adapted from the line "Pesto is the quiche of the Eighties."

I subscribe to some really great newsletters. I like the ping of my email app and then seeing one land in my inbox.

There is a nice intimacy of getting a virtual letter from someone dropped in your virtual inbox. It's much the same way I feel about podcasting. I know podcasts are not being recorded specifically for me but there is something about having something delivered versus this format where I just throw words up for whoever might find them.

And, the burden is on you, the reader, to look at the feed or click on a link and come here while podcasts and newsletters come directly to you.

Newsletters are a fantastic outlet for direct me to you communication and they seem to be the next logical step for someone who has primarily written on a blog if you have an audience large enough to make it worthwhile and by worthwhile, I'm not saying financially worthwhile. You would just need to have a pretty sizable community of folks that care about what you have to say and share in order to justify the time and effort it takes to put out a good newsletter with some regularity.

For an example of the work that goes into a good newsletter, check out this tweet and article from Austin Kleon. If you haven't bought and read his books, I highly recommend them plus subscribing to his newsletter and following him on Twitter.
Just the image alone is daunting! Then, read the article!

Think of all of those sources, all of that incoming data that you need to keep up with!

Of course, being a creator is his livelihood and most of us are juggling creating around a full-time job that has nothing to do with what we are creating. For me, getting up early to write this is a nice diversion from the work day ahead which at times feels like mindless drudgery. Whatever I create on the side keeps me going and whatever I do at my job keeps us fed.

So, for now, I have no time and no plan to create a newsletter. I might be able to squeeze out enough time to create a not so great one but I would not want to do that. And I would only have an audience in the double-digits because I have nothing much to offer so the reasoning behind spending that time on a newsletter, time I could spend reading books or listening to shortwave or mowing the yard, is just not there.

That's why I will keep writing here. This right here is what I have time to do. Writing here brings me a little joy when I have time to do it. It reminds me that there is a writer inside of me somewhere and that I do have some ideas to share. I just don't have enough to fill a weekly newsletter.

If you want to subscribe to some of the newsletters I read, now you can! I have added a widget under the side menu of this blog named Great Newsletters. Be sure to check those out.

Finally, there is a newsletter of sorts for this blog. In the same side menu, you can subscribe to emails of posts under the very appropriate heading Get Every Post via Email! If that's too much for you, posts also get tweeted personally by me (no longer via a robot) on Twitter @upinthisbrain.