The perils of the cloud

Some people keep their to-do list on paper. I did for years. And, sure, a piece of paper could get lost or burn up or be sucked away by a tornado, but you can prevent some of those things.

You can't prevent when the site you use for your to-do list, which resides in THE CLOUD, goes down.

And that's exactly what happened to me this morning. I clicked on the Todoist app and boom! I am logged out and can't get back in.


In their defense, I've been using Todoist for several years and I have never had this problem before and the outage seemed to last less than thirty minutes. Also, I really like the app. I like it so much that I am a premium member. It's so much better for me than the old Franklin Planner I used for years.

But the real PANIC came from the fact that I have a LOT in Todoist and I had never downloaded one of the daily backup files that Todoist has readily available out there until just now.

Yes, that was dumb of me. Todoist has worked fine for so long that I just, you know, got comfortable.

So, yes, I have a backup now and will downloading backups at least once a week. How will I remember to do that?

Well, it's in my Todoist.