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Staycation 2019

Thanks to Corner Gas, we have the concept of the staycation and I enjoy one every chance I get.

Most of my staycations happen because we've been too lazy to make plans and go anywhere.

This time, we have so much to do next week that we couldn't get away if we wanted to. We've stuffed in doctors appointments, car repairs, another evening working the concession stand and even a symphony concert.

It's going to be a full week.

How is this not just like every other week? Well, the big thing is I will be deactivating my work email from my phone. Out of sight, out of mind.

And, I have books checked out from the library and the deck is all done and ready for a lot of sitting and reading time.

It's going to be my kind of week.

Sunday Miscellanea

We have arrived at another Sunday afternoon and my laptop is out on the kitchen table so I might as well take the opportunity to post something. I don't have one particular cohesive thought to share so here are some odds and ends.

It's hot. Too hot. Spring went right to summer early and I'm already tired of it. I don't mind hot weather normally but this is baking weather and it wears me out. Instead of the normal highs around 80, here we are at 92 or 93 or more. Yuk. Everything I do outside is torture and this seems to be the time of the year when everything I have to do is outside.

Last night we were sort of outside running a concession stand for a concert that ended up being the biggest concert in venue history so, instead of getting home and getting to bed by 12AM, I got home and was in bed at 4AM. Ugh. I have some good stories to tell on the podcast so hang tight for those.

Tomorrow, I play in two concerts with the Community Band for Memorial Day. We start off in the morning playing at a Memorial Day ceremony at a Veterans Memorial Park and in the afternoon we will play a full concert at a park here closer to where we live. The good news is that they have taken the forecast high down to 92 from 95. :-)

Then next week, vacation! And it's a staycation this time because we just have too much going on. I start off the week with a physical and bloodwork (thrilling) and I have to take the Buick to a mechanic to get some work done on it (expensive) and we have another evening of fun scheduled at the concession stand (exhausting).

Now you are pretty much caught up on what's happening here in Armpit.

The Podcasting Pouch

I've decided to try moving away from recording on the iPad for a while and that means I will be back using the trusty Sony recorder that I started out with in 2013. I've been storing the Sony and some of its accessories in a great banana pencil pouch I found at Target and now I have added a few items to allow me to grab and go when I want to record so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show it off.

So, here is the pouch, posed with some fast food condiments that just happened to be on the kitchen table.

In the outside pocket, I have a very old Radio Shack stereo microphone which originally came with a cassette recorder. It works nicely for in-car recording. I also have my patch cables for when I need to record audio off of the computer or another device. It don't use either of these very often. There is also room in this pocket for a couple of spare batteries just in case but the Sony recorder can record for hours and hours on one set of AAA batteries.

The inside pocket is stuffed full of goodies. Of course, this is where the recorder lives. It is no longer made but I think the newer version is fairly similar. Mine is a Sony ICD-AX412. I also have the earbuds that came with the first iPod Touch I got. They don't have the microphone on them so they are perfect for monitoring recordings. The external mic is a Sony ECM-DS30P Electret Condenser Microphone that @MMD sent me. My recorder is a model that has the ability to power that mic so that is pretty cool. Finally, I have my USB cable for transferring recordings so I can get my very valuable mundane thoughts out on the interwebs as fast as possible!

Website Woes

If you are one of the eight people that follow me on Twitter, you know that the hosting service for my podcast and a few others including In Your Earholes and Anthony Marco's podcasts is no longer working correctly.

This is disappointing personally for a number of reasons. Posthaven is cheap and up to now it has been reliable. You can't do much with it but you don't need to. As a podcast host, it's hard to beat.

Recreating the years of posts I have there would be a ton of work so I doubt I will do it. For now, I will put in a workaround on the sites I control and will start pondering a "life without Posthaven plan" just in case it comes to that. If I have to create new sites somewhere else, I doubt I would repost most of the archives. It would just take too much time.

The complete silence from Posthaven on the current issues is not a confidence builder but that is ok. Maybe this hiccup will prompt me to do something exciting and new or at least a bit different. Or, maybe the workaround will be perfectly adequate. There is nothing wrong with adequate.

I just do and do and do

Here it is, 8:50pm central on Sunday night, and I have the Asus Transformer out getting things done that I could put off until tomorrow but then I would have too much to do tomorrow so here I am reaching out to people and making plans that will take us right through the month of June.

Is there even such a thing as free time anymore?

If June is supposedly my quiet month, why is my June calendar steadily filling up?

I did get to sit out on the deck for about 30 minutes this morning reading and drinking my coffee and that was nice especially after all of the hours I spent getting the deck stained over the last few days and, wouldn't you know it, I saw little odds and ends I missed while I sat there and that took a little bit of joy out of it. It did rain this afternoon so there is no time for touch up today and there is graduation tomorrow so there will be no time for touch up then either.

The bad thing is when I do have free time I still have things popping into my head that I need to do and even if I don't get up and do them at that exact moment, the trying to remember to do them later becomes a to do in itself.

Busy, busy, busy....

Now trending - I don't know

Since slamming on the brakes on social media, this site, podcasting, healthy living, etc. I have slowly returned to these things with a mostly new attitude and as part of that I have slowly creeped back into the world of Twitter.

It's interesting to only have 9 followers now after I blew everyone away. I think it's a pretty accurate reflection of how many people still use it on a regular basis. At one point a few years ago before the first purge, I had accumulated nearly 500 followers. I had about 100 before this most recent purge.

I mostly only look at Twitter now on my personal laptop and sometimes I don't open my personal laptop for two or three days and I no longer feel like I am missing out on anything. This has been nice. What has not been nice was opening Twitter and seeing what is trending. Typically what is trending is a bunch of toxic garbage like the so and so is over party or quasi-celebrities who trend because they say really stupid things.

There is no way to turn off this list of trends so I decided to put mine in Japanese.

Sure, it's possible that this is full of toxic garbage also but I don't know that. I can't read any of it aside from the few English works that sneak in from time to time and I never click on those English words anyway. unrated could be about anything and I will never know and certainly don't care.

But, Jason, maybe you are missing out on some important breaking news? And, you might be right. That's the risk I have to take. Google News is the only news app I look at on a regular basis and its algorithm might be excluding important things. Who knows. I also stopped watching the evening news a few months ago and I can't say I really miss it.  

I assume that someone I follow on Twitter will do the dirty work for me and will share or comment about anything that is really important. And I have family members that are tuned in to what's happening who would probably mention if Armpit is about to be bombed or something like that. 

It's odd because I was that tuned in person for years. Newspapers. Magazines. Network news, national and local. I knew it all. But what good did knowing it all do? I was filled with anxiety over how out of control our world was/is. 

For now, ignorance is bliss.

I recorded today

And Monday also.

I'm trying to do these a bit differently. I'm keeping them shorter. I'm not talking about podcasting, podcasters, etc.

That's sort of a change from when I said back in March that I was not wanting to make my life podcasting fodder anymore. I realized in my hiatus that making my life podcasting fodder was not the problem. Being so tied into all of the noise was the problem.

This feels nice.

So far.

I almost recorded today

In fact, I did record but I deleted it.

It wasn't great. It wasn't awful either. It was probably up to my typical low standard. It would have been a perfectly acceptable 425th episode.

Here's the song you would have heard. It is great. It easily would have been the best part of the twenty-one minute recording.

But right when I was about to transfer the file from Backpack to OneDrive, I thought - what is the point of this? Do I really have something I NEED or WANT to say and even more importantly, share?

The answer, for now, seems to be no.