I just do and do and do

Here it is, 8:50pm central on Sunday night, and I have the Asus Transformer out getting things done that I could put off until tomorrow but then I would have too much to do tomorrow so here I am reaching out to people and making plans that will take us right through the month of June.

Is there even such a thing as free time anymore?

If June is supposedly my quiet month, why is my June calendar steadily filling up?

I did get to sit out on the deck for about 30 minutes this morning reading and drinking my coffee and that was nice especially after all of the hours I spent getting the deck stained over the last few days and, wouldn't you know it, I saw little odds and ends I missed while I sat there and that took a little bit of joy out of it. It did rain this afternoon so there is no time for touch up today and there is graduation tomorrow so there will be no time for touch up then either.

The bad thing is when I do have free time I still have things popping into my head that I need to do and even if I don't get up and do them at that exact moment, the trying to remember to do them later becomes a to do in itself.

Busy, busy, busy....