Sunday Miscellanea

We have arrived at another Sunday afternoon and my laptop is out on the kitchen table so I might as well take the opportunity to post something. I don't have one particular cohesive thought to share so here are some odds and ends.

It's hot. Too hot. Spring went right to summer early and I'm already tired of it. I don't mind hot weather normally but this is baking weather and it wears me out. Instead of the normal highs around 80, here we are at 92 or 93 or more. Yuk. Everything I do outside is torture and this seems to be the time of the year when everything I have to do is outside.

Last night we were sort of outside running a concession stand for a concert that ended up being the biggest concert in venue history so, instead of getting home and getting to bed by 12AM, I got home and was in bed at 4AM. Ugh. I have some good stories to tell on the podcast so hang tight for those.

Tomorrow, I play in two concerts with the Community Band for Memorial Day. We start off in the morning playing at a Memorial Day ceremony at a Veterans Memorial Park and in the afternoon we will play a full concert at a park here closer to where we live. The good news is that they have taken the forecast high down to 92 from 95. :-)

Then next week, vacation! And it's a staycation this time because we just have too much going on. I start off the week with a physical and bloodwork (thrilling) and I have to take the Buick to a mechanic to get some work done on it (expensive) and we have another evening of fun scheduled at the concession stand (exhausting).

Now you are pretty much caught up on what's happening here in Armpit.