Website Woes

If you are one of the eight people that follow me on Twitter, you know that the hosting service for my podcast and a few others including In Your Earholes and Anthony Marco's podcasts is no longer working correctly.

This is disappointing personally for a number of reasons. Posthaven is cheap and up to now it has been reliable. You can't do much with it but you don't need to. As a podcast host, it's hard to beat.

Recreating the years of posts I have there would be a ton of work so I doubt I will do it. For now, I will put in a workaround on the sites I control and will start pondering a "life without Posthaven plan" just in case it comes to that. If I have to create new sites somewhere else, I doubt I would repost most of the archives. It would just take too much time.

The complete silence from Posthaven on the current issues is not a confidence builder but that is ok. Maybe this hiccup will prompt me to do something exciting and new or at least a bit different. Or, maybe the workaround will be perfectly adequate. There is nothing wrong with adequate.