Don't mess with Mr. In-Between

My personal war against negativity rages on.

I mute accounts and if I get a notification and open an app, I try to I quickly move directly to the notification and not glance at the timeline.

And, yet, negativity still seeps through. I've seen two examples that I would call shocking in the last two weeks from people I semi-know (neither readers of this blog or part of the podcast community) who I think went way over the top in what they shared but it is probably just par for the course for them.

Just over a week ago, Warren Ellis wrote this in his newsletter (If you are still not subscribed but you read what I write here, my goodness - what are you thinking?) -

I'll only ever tell you about things I think are good.  Because, really, that's all we should be spending our time on, and all we should be raising up into the conversation.  Save your badness hot takes for Twitter or some other place where people prefer misery to joy. 

This has kept me thinking about why so many people spend their time sharing hate, negativity, anger, frustration, etc. and it has kept me considering each word I write here or say on the podcast. Should it be our mission to promote positive ideas and surround ourselves with positive people in our real lives and our virtual ones while many stew in anger? I am thinking, yes.


In other positive news this morning, here is a great post about the importance of blogging in a social-media driven world and here is the archive for 1000 words of summer, which started back up today.

Finally, this blog looks a little more like a blog now. Thanks to some tweaks I made to the template yesterday, you can come to the home page and see and scroll through whole posts instead of just snippets.