In your face(book)

I am amazed sometimes by what people post on Facebook. Posts I see range from absolutely stupid to absolutely gross to extreme TMI.

Facebook is a weird beast. It's a guaranteed audience for your entire post made up of a percentage of your "friends" that happen to be poking around the feed at any given time. If you have 500 "friends" on Facebook, I think you can assume that 150 to 200 might be exposed to your post. These 150 to 200 might be your family members, people you went to school with, people you work with, plus the randoms that you barely know but somehow they got in there.

Do you really want all of these folks knowing your dumb thoughts and observations on food, television commercials, political topics and more? Are your dumb thoughts and observations so important that you think hundreds of people should be exposed to them?

I enjoy seeing pictures of trips and events people attend. I like the milestone posts that are positive. I don't have the need to know that someone I was in one class with thirty years ago has an Amazon package being delivered late. I also don't want to read someone continually ranting and raving over this and that no matter how long I've known them.

In Facebook, it is very difficult to tune certain stuff out. I have to unfollow the person as a whole because I can't block certain words like I can on Twitter so I have a ton of people I have unfollowed on Facebook just for the sake of staying on the platform.

With the "internet of old" like this blog, you see the title of the post on Twitter and maybe a picture and you can choose to click that link and come here and read this. I don't jam the whole post in your face. I leave it up to you whether or not you want to participate. The same goes with the podcast.

Facebook is the equivalent of me stapling a flyer to your nose every time I have a thought and that, not the lack of privacy, will hopefully be its downfall when we all wake up to how crappy it is to have a nose full of staples.