The Square Rigger Attache

Recently on the podcast, I talked about my latest bag acquisition, a vintage Lands End Square Rigger Attache. I am not exactly sure why this bag popped into my head and I wasn't going to spend a ton of money on one but I was willing to spend a maximum of $20 on this one and luckily, I got it for just $14.99 shipped.

So, what was the Square Rigger bag? I would call it a canvas alternative to a briefcase. I don't guess many people carry briefcases anymore and I'm guessing backpacks are much more common than anything else these days so a bag like this is probably not going to be in high demand anymore which I guess is why it's no longer being made.

And, for the price, this bag would be expensive to replicate today. These bags sold for $39.95 in the 80's which is about $100 in today's money. One interesting feature is a very nice heavy-duty zipper around the bag. It never gets caught and seems to be as smooth to operate today as it was new. One unfortunate feature that you could get your initials sewed on the bag either for free or dirt-cheap so the majority of these bags has initials on them. The one I got does but I don't care. You can spend a lot more for one of these that has no initials but I see no point.

So, here are some pictures of the bag I got. It's in great shape for the age. The lighting wasn't perfect in the room where I took these (the kitchen) so the burgundy looks a bit washed out in the phones while it is not washed out at all in person. I've cleaned some spots on it and I am not using it just yet but I can see some trips to the library coming in its immediate future.

Just like inside of a briefcase, you have places for pens and even your calculator!

I don't know who VNA was but I'm glad they barely used their bag. This one is in great shape!