When to stay put

At this exact moment for the last two Tuesdays, I have been jumping in the car and heading north, driving an hour and a half or so to play in a community band. Today, I am sitting here in the home office writing this post.

As I explained on the podcast today, I could feel my body starting to reject the limited sleep I have been getting lately and not just from my two nights of community band a week but also from the late hours doing concession stand work plus the typical early hours of work and the strain of summer yard work.

Several years ago, more stubborn me probably would have kept on keeping on until I ended up sick. Now, I realize that a healthy life involves proceeding with caution. Do as much as you can but know your limits and note the signs of increased stress, lack of concentration, etc. that come with pushing those limits.

Yes, there is still an urgency but we need to move forward with a healthy urgency or we'll end up being stopped in our tracks when our aging bodies finally say, "Enough!"