Another week flew by

I didn't mean to wait an entire week between posts but that is how life goes sometimes.

Unlike last week when I was on vacation and in the woods, this week was all about the typical routine. In addition to being back at work and dealing with the typical chores, I got to sit outside on the deck and record a podcast and sit out on the deck and read a bit.

It has been blistering hot here (typical July) but mostly dry this week (a welcome relief). Of course, Tropical Storm Barry is on the way and will bring a bunch of rain into next week so I am going to do my best to get in additional deck time today between working no matter how hot it is!

Speaking of chores, I've been trying to spend more time through the week getting some rest and I've been piling most of the chores (aside from washing clothes which is a nearly daily pain) to the weekend.

This has given me more time to read also and to watch some movies, mostly on Turner Classics. We watched "Where the Boys Are" last night because Turner Classics did their annual day of beach movies and I recorded them all on YouTube TV. Sure, they are cheesy but there is something that draws me to watching them just about every year. I have "Beach Blanket Bingo" and "A Summer Place" to watch this weekend along with a handful of others.

Summer seems to be dwindling away even though it just started a few weeks ago. School is about to fire up and band season makes August to October fly by. I wonder what life will be like when those responsibilities dry up? Will summer and fall somehow magically slow down?

Oh, yes, one more note - my carrying around the Sony camera experiment died off fast, as predicated. I took that camera to camp and never pulled it out of the backpack.