When Harry Met Sally... at 30

Thirty years.

It's hard to get my head around that. I think back to seeing When Harry Met Sally... in the theater thirty years ago and I'm reminded that the passage of time seems like an odd magic trick. Sure, on one hand, it seems like that was a lifetime ago and wow, look how the world has changed. But then on the other hand, it seems like yesterday and wow, things haven't changed that much after all.

The brilliance of When Harry Met Sally... is how timeless it is. Yes, Dick Clark makes an appearance and there is not a cell phone to be seen but the story and the difficult questions that are presented to us in what is really a character study of two couples, Harry and Sally and Jess and Marie, are just as relevant to me today as they have ever been and maybe even more so.

When I heard Sally exclaiming to Harry "And I'm going to be 40!", I couldn't even imagine 40. Now, I have trouble remembering it. So my perspective on the movie has definitely changed but my appreciation is as great as it ever was.

What a wonderful gift Nora Ephron gave to us three decades ago and what wonderful memories I have of the movie and the music.