Gloomy goodness

I feel it in the air
The summer's out of reach
It's gloomy and cool today here at the kitchen table and after a scorcher of a summer, we've suddenly had a shift in the weather that I feel like is never going to come until it happens. Before, it seemed like this might be the endless summer since it started getting hot back in April this year. I know summer is not over by a long shot but the potential for fall is here now like a relative that's been travelling for a while has sent a postcard announcing that they are on their way back.

It's the kind of weather that makes me feel like blogging again and I've been thinking about this site over the past few days, wishing I could think of some revolutionary way to share these words on your screen. The whole process seems so antiquated now and we're all so busy that publishing posts feels like an invasion of your precious time.

I guess there is no solution for this. I keep getting the writing bug. NaNoWriMo keeps slipping back into my mind after I couldn't motivate myself to participate in either of the Camp NaNoWriMo events. Maybe the key is cooler weather and the sun going down earlier.

Well, I just now, in real-time, got the word I don't have to do concession stand duty at the high school tonight so it's time for me to celebrate, take another sip of coffee and get back to work. Gloomy days like this might bother some people but I love them. Bring on the falling leaves! Bring on the pumpkin spice!