Short update Monday

Wow, this blog is not getting much use.

Only short updates today -
I went back on private on the Twitter. I'm not using it much these days and I'm tired of bots although they don't come around much since I don't tweet much. I can set it and forget it with the padlock. The best feature of Instagram is being private.

It's a shame to see Twitter go by the wayside, ruined by its own user base and stupid monetization design ideas. But all good things eventually come to an end. Except for Big Macs. Big Macs are eternal. Signing up for updates via this page or using an RSS reader like Feedly is the best way to follow this blog anyway. Tweets are so 2015.

I moved all my chores from Todoist off of Sunday so I have officially reclaimed that day in the name of leisure and reading. My brief experiment of Sunday afternoon cleaning chores is over. I've spread them out over the work week now, a little each day between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Of course, clothes get washed nearly every day. It's like a laundromat around these parts.

Big cleaning chores I have been putting off are getting completed left and right. It's exciting. With the kids young adults back in school, I've had more time to get some of the nitty gritty organization stuff going. I will have another load for the thrift store tomorrow and then it will be time for some big decisions about some items around here that need a permanent home or need to be shown the door.

That's it. Over and out until we meet here again.