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The kitchen

The kitchen is like a restaurant. The lights go on around 5:45AM, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Things are put away from the night before. Is the dishwasher light on? That means clean dishes await and need to be returned to their cabinets. Do we need more water in the fridge? Time to restock.

It gets busy for a while. Everyone is in and out, making and eating breakfast and then making lunch and packing it for later. More dirty dishes back in the dishwasher. The peanut butter comes out. Hello. It goes back up on the shelf when its duty is done. Plates, knives, fruit. Jazz music in the background courtesy of WKAR Jazz on the Google Home Hub thing.

And then they filter out, one by one and the house is quiet and I am left behind with the three dogs and I look around, post-breakfast inspection, for anything that was left out or left messed up. This morning there is nothing left to do but turn off the lights one by one and then to say, “Hey, Google! Stop music!”

The kitchen is closed until lunch.

Reading, dictation and hummingbirds

I'm currently plowing through On Writing by Charles Bukowski which is surprising to me because I am not a big fan of his actual writing but I am a fan of reading about writing and his thoughts on the craft. I'm highlighting all kinds of stuff which is one of the best features of my Paperwhite/Goodreads connection.

I enjoy reading about writing but actually writing, eh, not so much, which you can tell by the neglect of this site.

Still, I am fired up (at least in my mind) about the upcoming NaNoWriMo and I wish I had an idea about something to write (I vaguely have a thought but not a full-formed idea).

I've been so stuck in the web of ideas of creativity that I went back and listened to a piece of the discussion in Oliver's latest podcast five times and I am glad that something made me stop and think yesterday although my contribution to the conversation was fundamentally useless thus proving the original point.

I can't embed the tweet here because my Twitter is a private, gated community now but if you are part of my private, gated community, you know what I'm talking about.

Speaking of tweets, I keep thinking about just using the iOS dictation to create tweets. Couldn't I just put the phone up to the speaker when a podcast is on and tweet those random words? No one reads what I tweet anyway so why not?

(I just tried this and the results are weird but I could publish a whole book of this and get rich, I bet.)

Do a little editing and add some punctuation and you get some of that fundamentally useless art all the kids love.

Last note - I got a hummingbird feeder and put it up right outside the window of the home office here in Armpit and these little birds are fascinating.

A day without social media

Today is the day I don't go to any social media websites.

No Facebook.

No Twitter.

Not even Instagram.

I ignore social media notifications because I don't want to even risk getting a glimpse of my feed.

Why do I do this every year on this day?

Because today is the day all of the One Day Patriots slither out of the swamp to hang their virtual flags and try to teach us all a lesson in US History.

Never forget, they post! I say, how could I forget and why would you think I need you to remind me and why would I need to remind others?

And, don't get me started on the "I'm a Bigger Patriot than you" crowd. I love condescending posts most of all.

I'll pass on all of it.

Today is a day of reflection and not a day about likes and thumbs and retweets.

Drawing a birthday blank

Last night around 10:30PM, I was thinking about this site and I tried to come up with a post.

It was my birthday! I had to post something but I had nothing. Nada. Zip.

And then I looked at the archive and found that I didn't post anything on my birthday last year either.

So, I closed up the laptop and went to bed.

Oh, well.


It seems to be tougher this year, with another birthday right around the corner, to "get it all done" all day long and not feel totally wiped out at the end of the day.

As I write this, I am officially pooped. Looking back at this day, the first thing to note is that I did not sleep well last night. I think I finally fell asleep around 12:30am and was back up and going at 10 after 6.

I went out early and picked up prescription dog food at the vet and filled daughter #1's car with gas before she went off to school.

It was steady at work all day and I didn't have any housework to do (the stars rarely align like today) so I decided to take care of a couple of outside items after thinking about and updating some tasks we need to do for the band over the next week.

At lunch, which I cooked, I touched up the stain on the deck and I stained the gate on the deck that was installed a month or so ago. After work, I mowed the lawn on the riding mower since I finally got the mulching blades installed and I put in a new battery. It was around 90 degrees for all of this and I expect I was outside in that about three and a half hours over the course of the day.

After all this, I took a shower which you would think restores your energy but they seem to drain the last bit of mine. Then it was time for supper. I didn't cook, thank goodness, but I did do the dishes after.

Now all I can think about is bed but I have a fear that I will lay down and won't be able to sleep because my mind will be running a million miles an hour as usual. I'll solve this by reading a book but sometimes books make me think and give me ideas and that gets the brain going even more.

Looking back at all I did today, no wonder I am so tired. And, it felt like I did less than normal today.