Reading, dictation and hummingbirds

I'm currently plowing through On Writing by Charles Bukowski which is surprising to me because I am not a big fan of his actual writing but I am a fan of reading about writing and his thoughts on the craft. I'm highlighting all kinds of stuff which is one of the best features of my Paperwhite/Goodreads connection.

I enjoy reading about writing but actually writing, eh, not so much, which you can tell by the neglect of this site.

Still, I am fired up (at least in my mind) about the upcoming NaNoWriMo and I wish I had an idea about something to write (I vaguely have a thought but not a full-formed idea).

I've been so stuck in the web of ideas of creativity that I went back and listened to a piece of the discussion in Oliver's latest podcast five times and I am glad that something made me stop and think yesterday although my contribution to the conversation was fundamentally useless thus proving the original point.

I can't embed the tweet here because my Twitter is a private, gated community now but if you are part of my private, gated community, you know what I'm talking about.

Speaking of tweets, I keep thinking about just using the iOS dictation to create tweets. Couldn't I just put the phone up to the speaker when a podcast is on and tweet those random words? No one reads what I tweet anyway so why not?

(I just tried this and the results are weird but I could publish a whole book of this and get rich, I bet.)

Do a little editing and add some punctuation and you get some of that fundamentally useless art all the kids love.

Last note - I got a hummingbird feeder and put it up right outside the window of the home office here in Armpit and these little birds are fascinating.