The kitchen

The kitchen is like a restaurant. The lights go on around 5:45AM, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Things are put away from the night before. Is the dishwasher light on? That means clean dishes await and need to be returned to their cabinets. Do we need more water in the fridge? Time to restock.

It gets busy for a while. Everyone is in and out, making and eating breakfast and then making lunch and packing it for later. More dirty dishes back in the dishwasher. The peanut butter comes out. Hello. It goes back up on the shelf when its duty is done. Plates, knives, fruit. Jazz music in the background courtesy of WKAR Jazz on the Google Home Hub thing.

And then they filter out, one by one and the house is quiet and I am left behind with the three dogs and I look around, post-breakfast inspection, for anything that was left out or left messed up. This morning there is nothing left to do but turn off the lights one by one and then to say, “Hey, Google! Stop music!”

The kitchen is closed until lunch.