AM Radio Log (12/13/2019)

I had about 15 minutes to sit down at the kitchen table with my Sangean PR-D4W starting at around 12:59PM central so here are a few of the notable stations I heard including one I don't recall hearing here before.

  • 710 kHz - WYJV - Smyrna, TN (28 miles)
  • 750 kHz - WSB - Atlanta, GA - a good signal here for daytime, this station booms in here at night. (250 miles)
  • 770 kHz - WVNN - Athens, AL - Rush Limbaugh was on. His voice sounded kind of odd. Maybe it was just the fact that this station is 126 miles away.
  • 780 kHz - WPTN - Cookeville, TN (50 miles)
  • 790 kHz - WBWR - Ashland City, TN (56 miles)
  • 930 kHz - WKCT - Bowling Green, KY - Also had Rush Limbaugh on and is close enough to be loud and clear. He definitely sounds weird for some reason. It's like his voice has been auto-tuned for some reason. (66 miles)
  • 1060 kHz - WKNG - Tallapoosa, GA - This is a decent catch for daytime and I think it is a new one for me. It is 50,000 watts during the day but still should barely reach into Tennessee out of Georgia. I think the fact that it's cloudy today both here and there helps a bit. (242 miles)
  • 1510 kHz - WLAC - Nashville, TN - this one is a local but I tuned it in to hear Rush one more time and something is definitely up with his voice. Weird. (32 miles)
The Sangean PR-D4W is the best AM radio I've ever owned. It has a feature called AM Auto Tracking which attempts to fine tune each station when you land on it. I've found that it works quite well. The FM side is a mixed bag. Reception is great but the audio does not sound as good for some reason. My Grundig G5 sounds better on FM. This doesn't matter to me since the PR-D4W rarely moves off the AM dial. No radio I have owned has sounded better on AM than the PR-D4W.