After a few years of using Todoist, I finally achieved the status of Enlightened. What does this mean? In a nutshell, the more tasks you complete, the more karma points you get, sort of gamifying your daily tasks.

I didn't pay a lot of attention to the karma in Todoist. It was fun to see the status in each year-end report that Todoist sends out but that was about it. I haven't been using Todoist for the karma feature.

I use it because it was the solution to years of trying and failing at different systems to keep my daily tasks organized. Notebooks, Franklin Planners throughout the 90's, Palm Pilots, you name it. I tried them all and I read all the books including Getting Things Done and I guess the system I use today is closer to GTD than anything else.

I use these tools (I'm sure I've written or talked about this before):

  • Microsoft Outlook - my work calendar is there and is not integrated with my personal calendar. I flag emails that need to be followed up on. I keep my inbox fairly close to zero at all times, no more than 15 in there at the end of each day. I don't use tasks in Outlook at all.
  • Google Calendar - all four of us in this house have Google Calendar on our phones and our own calendars which we share with each other and EVERYTHING goes in there. Work schedules. Appointments. Concerts. It's one place each of us can look and see what everyone else is doing. 
  • Todoist - Anything and everything ends up here. Many recurring tasks like checking the air filter or giving flea and tick stuff to the dogs is in here also. Any work task that I need to put off until the next day is noted here also. All family Google Calendar events also end up as automatic items in Todoist.
I did fairly well before Todoist but Todoist was life-changing for me. I can't imagine handling the volume of work I do at work and keeping track of everything going on at home without it. It makes my life easier because items don't get forgotten if they make it in the app. Also, I don't hold myself to getting it all done TODAY. Items get postponed often and that's just life. Not everything has to be done on a particular day. The key, for me, to productivity is flexibility. Know what HAS to be done and do it and know what can't be done and let that go until another day with the confidence of knowing it's still out there in the list and won't get forgotten.