Radio log (12/10/2019 starting at 18:41 UTC)

I had a few minutes at lunch today to pull out the Grundig G5 and tune around shortwave a bit.

Here's what I heard using just the whip antenna:
  • Radio Marti on 11860, 11930 and 13820. I only heard jamming coming through on 13820.
  • African Pathways on 13670. This was loud and clear and apparently transmitting from Mahajanga, Madagascar which is around 9,000 miles away.
  • Radio Habana Cuba on 15140.
  • Adventist World Radio on 15155, notable because it was coming from Talata-Volonodry, also in Madagascar. The signal was quite strong. Maybe today is a great day to hear Madagascar!
  • BBC on 15400. It's a shame we don't get BBC World Service broadcasting to the US anymore. This transmission was barely audible here and originated from Ascension Island, directed to West and Central Africa.