SW Radio Log (12/21/2019)

Yesterday, I wrote about spending a few minutes listening to amateur radio on my Grundig G5. Later last night, I decided to listen to the same bands on my Tecsun PL-660 to compare the performance.

I was blown away by how much easier it is to fine tune single sideband on the Tecsun PL-660. For some reason, I didn't remember this and my Tecsun PL-660 had been packed up in storage until earlier this week.

The reason for it being packed away is that FM and Air Band are misaligned and there is no fix (older firmware) and I hadn't been listening to shortwave much over the summer and fall.

But, wow! What a difference! The G5 is very challenging to fine tune for some reason so I believe the PL-660 will my radio of choice when I want to listen to the ham bands which is pretty fun for me because you never know what you are going to hear and I have heard discussions on conspiracies, alien landings and politics recently!

Here are a few of the confirmed locations I heard this afternoon around 2PM CST:
  • London, Ontario
  • Connecticut
  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin
  • Quebec