The No Social Media Tablet

On Black Friday, I very briefly bought and tried out the Onn 10.1 inch Android tablet that was a $59 special. I tried it because my iPad Air 2 is now five years old and is slowing down and I wanted to try something a bit different from iOS. I did not like it. Back to Walmart it went the next day.

But then the 8 inch version of the same tablet caught my eye. Walmart had it for full price - $64. I did not want to do that but I did take a peek over at eBay and there it was refurbished for $39. I put it in my cart and was surprised to find there was an additional 15% off bringing the grand total including shipping and tax to $33.15.

What did I get for $33.15? An 8 inch tablet with specs close to the Kindle Fire 8 but without the limitations of Amazon's Fire OS. This tablet runs Android 9.0 and for what I wanted it for, it is fantastic. I'm pretty surprised.

What did I want it for? I wanted a device where there would be no social media beeps and boops. It's simply for reading books, checking my to do list and looking things up. For example, I take it with me when I am going to listen to my radios so I can look up details on the stations I hear. 

Eventually, I plan to use it for note taking and to store documents I might need to refer on a semi-regular basis.

I also bought this case for under $10 shipped on eBay.

Is it perfect? No. It doesn't have a wake function when you open the case. It can get a little slow when scrolling big webpages. There is only one speaker but it sounds decent.

What having this tablet has done is make me realize that my eventual iPad Air 2 replacement will be a nice Samsung Android tablet. I like how customizable it is and how the notifications work much better than on the iOS devices I have. And, since I use Google services for nearly everything, all of what I need is integrated right into the tablet already.

Merry Christmas to me!


  1. I did this with all of my devices. I removed all social media apps and made it a requirement that if I want to browse or post I must do it through the browser window. I am trying to make social media meaningful when I choose to interact.



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