Two Sony Radios - SRF-M37W and SRF-39

I have two Sony radios that have been living on the table next to my recliner along side my super-awesome fantastic Sangean PR-D4W which I wrote about a bit last January.

All three of these radios are there for two reasons. First, they are spectacular on AM. Second, the dogs typically wake me up to go outside around 2AM every night and I typically take a bit of time to listen to AM before I go back to bed.

My Sony SRF-39 has long had an honored place in my collection. It is excellent on AM and pretty decent on FM as a bonus but AM is where it really shines. I have listened to it while mowing the lawn and doing other odds and ends around the house.

The SRF-39 runs forever on just on AA battery. Amazing! And, it was a popular prison radio at one time and the clear prison version is a collector's item now

Finally, it was recently featured on Todd Erbert's excellent YouTube channel about radios.

I just picked up my other Sony radio earlier this week at the local help center. I was over there dropping off donations and I went inside to check out electronics and there was a Sony SRF-M37W on the shelf for the incredible price of just one dollar plus tax!

The SRF-M37W appears to be the digital version of the SRF-39 with the weather band as an addition. AM performance is equal side by side. FM seems to be a tick better than the SRF-39. There is an annoying beep when pressing any button which is why I think I briefly had this radio at one time but ended up eBaying it. I won't eBay this one since I am out of the eBay business! 

The weather band picks up nothing out where I live but even my weather radio has a tough time picking up a channel out here.

This radio takes just one AAA battery. I am not sure how long it will last powering the clock which seems pretty pointless since there is no speaker or alarm. I assume the clock is there just so you don't lose track of time working out or something.

Finally, what do I listen to at 2AM? Typically, I listen to WGN in Chicago because the late night show on there, The Nick Digilio Show, is always interesting. You never know what they will be talking about when you tune in. They also have a podcast here for those of you who don't want to sit up all night listening to AM.